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Teal Set

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

It was a busy Wednesday afternoon at my usual salon. The barber was giving a haircut to a young man, and Wendy had just finished rolling a woman with short hair in grey and pink perm rods. I took a seat, and worked on another web site using my laptop computer. Wendy they proceeded to apply the perm solution to the lady, and wrapped her head in a towel to process. The barber finished the man's haircut, and next cut about four inches from a woman with long, straight hair, leaving her with a shoulder-length cut.

The barber continued with a steady stream of male clients while I was there. Wendy then gave one of the regular woman clients a shampoo and set, using a mixture of pink, green and blue Velcro rollers. She was then placed under the dryer. Wendy then brought the lady getting the perm to the shampoo bowl, rinsed out the perm solution, applied neutralizer, and again wrapped her head in a towel for it to process. She then motioned me to the shampoo bowl and washed my hair.

I showed her a somewhat longer style, which was curly toward the face and at the nape, but more wavy on top. She proceeded to set my hair using yellow and orange magnetic rollers.

Next, she removed the rollers and combed out the lady who was getting the shampoo and set. She ended up with medium curls on top, and fairly short, straight hair at the nape. She then finished styling the lady getting the perm, first trimming her short nape with electric clippers. The style was created first using a blow dryer and a round brush, followed by a medium-barreled curling iron. The finished style, much shorter than that of the other woman, was moderately curly on top.

While this was happening, another women came in for a haircut by Wendy. I had been working on another web site while under the dryer, using my laptop computer as usual. Since it then appeared that I would have more time, I began typing this diary entry as well.

When she was finished with the haircut, I asked Wendy to take the usual pictures of me, first under the dryer with the laptop computer, then of the front and rear of the set. I then went over to the stylist's chair which had just been vacated. She removed the rollers, and as usual loosened the set using a wide-toothed rake. She then finished the style using a styling tool, with some light backcombing in front for the bangs. She added a light coating of hairspray to hold the style.

She then took pictures of me with the finished style from the four quadrants. The barber finished with his last customer at about the same time. In my scramble to pack everything and leave the shop, I left the power adapter for my laptop plugged into the manicure outlet on the hairdryer! Fortunately, my computer was fully charged, and I was able to perform my normal web site updates that evening, as well as spend some time chatting with friends in the Rollermania chat room until about midnight. I made a special trip to retrieve the cord the following morning.

(Pictures to be added.)

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