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Reno Color Rinse and Set

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Reno Old-style Dryer

One of the two old-fashioned dryers at the salon.
This one had been used by the other client in the salon,
while I had been seated under the other.


Stype with small curlsI was at the end of a three-day stay in Reno, Nevada, where I had gone for a break from my routine and to meet with some people whom I had previously met at a conference in San Francisco. One of the people whom I met had recommended a stylist there whom she knew, and had called her on Tuesday to make an appointment for me on Wednesday at 12:15 p.m.

Earlier in the day I had checked out of my hotel, which was just a few blocks away from the salon, and had had breakfast there. I walked around the area for a while, and arrived at the salon twenty minutes early. I introduced myself to the stylist, who was busy setting a woman client, whose husband was also in the salon. They, like me, were visiting from out of the area. While I was waiting, I looked at the collection of hairstyle books there, but didn't find a style that I liked.

After the stylist had finished the set and covered it with a pink wave net, she placed her client under the dryer, one of the old-fashioned types with a large metal hood. She then took a brief break and had me come to the stylist's chair. I had retrieved my laptop computer from its case, and showed here the picture here of the very curly style (also pictured above) that I wanted, as well as the other pictures from my Red Set Three. She said that she could give me a style close to it, but that she would soften up the front with some bangs.

The shampoo bowls in the salon are located between the mirror and the stylist's chairs, with a folding cover over them. She rotated the chair, then leaned it back to shampoo my hair. She confirmed that the condition of my hair was "fried" from excess chemical services, and that I should stay away from permanents or permanent color for several months more. I agreed, and told her that I had been doing that. She recommended certain conditioning treatments, and also a temporary color rinse, which she applied before setting my hair. She set my hair entirely on small blue rollers, with the ones in front rolled forward. Then she placed a brown wave net over the rollers, and seated me under the other old-fashioned dryer in the shop, after I had found an outlet to plug in the power adapter for my laptop computer. She had selected a fairly cool heat setting. I then began typing this diary entry.

The stylist then combed out the other client, giving her a fairly short, medium-curly style. Then the dryer timed out, and the stylist had me come to the stylist's chair. She removed the hairnet, and placed a small styling cape on me. She then removed the rollers, and loosened the set using a wide-toothed rake. She then worked in sections, teasing the curls with a metal rattail comb, and spraying with hairspray as she went along. She then applied the finishing touches to the style using the fork end of a styling tool, and sprayed the style again.

The finished style was very close to the style in the picture! Neither of the other stylists that I had been to in my home area had come this close. She was kind enough to take pictures of the finished style from several angles, using a single-use flash camera that I had purchased on the trip.

Reno Set FrontReno Set RearReno Set RightReno Set Left
I thanked her, and paid her as she was preparing to give a manicure to another woman client who had arrived as I was still under the dryer. She invited me back the next time that I was in the area. I left the salon at 1:45 p.m., pleased to once again have a curly hair style.

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