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Orange Set Two

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

It was the day of the Primary Election in California. I needed a place to sit down and review the election materials before voting, but didn't want to leave my neighborhood since the polling place is nearby and my usual salon is some five miles away.

I decided to try a recently-opened salon in my neighborhood. They provide nail services as well, and as I was there all four of the operators, including the one who had set my hair, had clients for manicures, pedicures, or acrylic nail extensions.

I walked in without an appointment at about 3:30 p.m. Only one client was then in the shop having her nails done. I was greeted by one of the operators, and she asked what service I wanted. I told her a shampoo and set, and she said OK and motioned me to one of the shampoo bowls. While there she washed my hair thoroughly with a fragrant shampoo. She asked if I wanted my hair blow dried or set, and I replied that I did indeed want a set on rollers.

I then went to the stylist's chair, and showed her a picture of the curly style that I wanted, which is one of my favorites. She proceeded to set my hair on small yellow and smaller blue rolers.

I spent the first half hour of my time under the dryer going through the hundreds of pages of confusing propositions and the statements of the 100 or so candidates running for the various local, state, and federal offices. I then started preparing this diary entry.

When the timer on the dryer turned it off, she left the woman whose nails she was working on. At my request she took pictures of me under the dryer.

She then directed me back to the stylist's chair. She removed the rollers, and first combed, then brushed, through the set to loosen it. Since I wanted a simple, curly style she did very little else in the way of styling. Although I would like to have some hair coming down onto my forehead, she indicated that my hair in front isn't long enough to match my desired style

After she had finished my style, I went back to the dryer to retrieve my computer. I paid another operator, and had her take some pictures of my finished style.

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