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Green Set

Thursday, May 21, 1998

I arrived at my usual salon at about 4:15 p.m., as usual without an appointment. Unlike previous times that I had walked in, the shop wasn't busy. My stylist was sitting in a styling chair, and the male barber was giving a man a haircut. Two neighborhood men who occasionally hang out in the salon were there as well.

My stylist motioned me to the shampoo bowl, draped me, and gave my hair a thorough shampoo. She then I directed me to a styling chair, and I showed her this style on my laptop computer as a starting point. She spritzed on the usual two conditioners, and applied mousse to my hair. She then set my hair with some buff and orange rollers on top, rolled forward toward the bang area, and the rest of my head back and down using the smaller blue rollers. Again, as usual, she sprayed the set with hair spray before she had me sit under the dryer, which I did after retrieving the power adapter for my computer and connecting it to the outlet on the dryer.

While I was being set, another man came in for a haircut by the barber. While I was drying, my stylist did some cleanup work, sweeping the floor for the barber and washing some of her rollers. I then showed her how I have displayed the earlier pictures on this site, using the local cache on my computer since I don't want to tie up their one phone line. One of the men in the shop took a look as well, and I explained to them how this site is stored on a computer so that anyone in the world with Internet access can look at it. She showed the man a picture of her that I had taken, and both he and I persuaded her to allow me to display it here.

After this, a man with long, curly hair came in for a trim by my stylist. She shampooed him, and proceeded to cut his hair in the styling chair that I had just vacated. He only had about 3/4 inch cut off of the ends, so that happened rather quickly.

As the timer on the dryer expired and turned it off, the man with the barber moved over to the shampoo bowl to be shampooed. I asked the stylist to snap a picture of me, shown above, while I was still under the dryer starting to type this.

I then moved over to the stylist's chair for a comb out, and was draped with a light brown comb-out cape. During this, I persuaded one of the men who was present to take a few pictures of the stylist and me during the process. As usual, the set was loosened with a wide-toothed rake, and was finished using a teasing tool.

I ended up with a short, curly style, with a some thin bangs in front. I left the salon at about 5:45 p.m.